About us

In 2008, having explored all the available options for controlling the use of air conditioning in our rental accommodation, we decided a new approach was required. We needed to create a device that would give our clients access to the air conditioning as and when they needed it, but at the same time, preventing empty rooms being kept like fridges!! Eighteen months, numerous prototypes and patency applications later, Ecosense 2000 was born. After successfully launching this battery operated product into the market place, we then turned our attentions to creating a more sophisticated version, Ecosense 4000. This model being mains powered, having a more powerful PIR sensor.

Global warming, spiralling energy costs, or just the unnecessary strain on equipment, are all valid reasons for ensuring that the A/C facilities you provide for your clients or employees are controlled. As our company motto states “There’s no need to cool air if there’s nobody there”.

Our personal experiences, within the holiday rental industry have shown that up to 80 percent of A/C provided to clients was wasted on keeping empty rooms cool. By integrating the technologies of PIR movement detection and Infrared communication facilities, we were able to offer our clients air conditioning as and when they required it.

As a growing company we continue to research and develop Ecosense products. We are currently developing a new product to control centralised air conditioning systems.